1. Residential Moving: How To Move Your Home’s Plants

    When it comes to residential moving, there are a lot of factors you have to consider rather than just your basic furniture and belongings. You also have to worry about the living things in your home, such as pets and plants. It’s easy to load Fido in the car and move him to your new destination, but what about your home’s beloved plants and flowers? At Helping Hands Moving Service, LLC., we pr…Read More

  2. 5 Common Things People Forget To Do When Moving

    We get it. Moving is a stressful situation that would be so much easier if we could just teleport our items from one place to another. But unfortunately, that type of technology has yet to be created, so instead, we worry about making sure we organize and pack everything we’ll need when we arrive at our new destination. Out of all the moving companies in Columbus, Georgia, Helping Hands Moving S…Read More