Are you taking your business to the next level by upgrading your office space? Congratulations! Moving into a new commercial building is a great business decision. However, we’re sure there’s one aspect of moving locations that you’re probably not too excited about — the actual moving part.

We get it. Moving is stressful, especially when it’s on a larger scale. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’ll go over a few moving plan hacks for your commercial move. Luckily, at Helping Hands Moving Service, we provide high-quality, reliable commercial moving services to Columbus business owners and office managers. Let us pack up your office supplies and equipment for you, transport them and unload them at your new place. Contact us today to get a free moving quote.

Continue reading below for our list of commercial moving plan hacks that will help your move go smoothly.

Don’t Forget To Plan Ahead

You don’t want to be frantically running around on moving day — you want to be well-prepared. That starts with planning.

You can schedule tasks you and your employees can tackle before moving day that will help speed up the moving process, including a few of the following:

  • Packing of individual supplies.
  • Packing of office equipment.
  • Throwing away unused items.
  • Communicating about the move (providing instruction on what to do).
  • Clean-up around your old office.

Set a deadline to have each of these tasks completed, that way when moving day finally arrives, everyone knows exactly what they should be doing.

Communicate To Your Employees/Co-Workers

Never leave your employees or co-workers in the dark when it comes to moving into a new office. As soon as you know when moving day will be, communicate this to everyone to ensure you all are on the same page. You can do this through email, company chat applications, or through another source of communication that all of your employees have access to.  

As moving day gets closer, you might want to consider verbal, required company meetings to go over exactly what is expected from everyone on that day.

Don’t Do It Alone

You might feel compelled to have you and your employees move all of your belongings to your new office yourselves — we don’t necessarily think that’s the best moving strategy. You all should be focused on your work and ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. Let the pros handle the hassle-some moving part.

Choose Helping Hands For Your Commercial Moving Services

At Helping Hands Moving Service, we are a Top Rated Local® Moving Company in Columbus, and we offer an array of commercial moving services as well as residential, specialty and long-distance moving services. We’ve been helping folks in the area move since 2003, and our experienced moving team knows the best moving strategies in the industry so that your supplies and equipment arrive at their new location safely and securely.

Ready to find out why we’re Columbus’ top choice for moving services? Contact us today to get a quote and to see how we can help make your next commercial move more efficient. You can reach us by calling (706) 955-1030 or by filling out our online form.