We get it. Moving is a stressful situation that would be so much easier if we could just teleport our items from one place to another. But unfortunately, that type of technology has yet to be created, so instead, we worry about making sure we organize and pack everything we’ll need when we arrive at our new destination. Out of all the moving companies in Columbus, Georgia, Helping Hands Moving Service, LLC., provides a variety of residential and commercial moving services that are sure to meet your expectations. Choose us as your next moving company!

In this blog, we go over five common things people forget to do when they move, whether they’re moving homes or moving their businesses to a new location. It’s easy to forget certain things when you’re tasked with packing everything you own into cardboard boxes, and we hope to make your next move a little easier with these few reminders.

1. Create A Moving Checklist

This might seem like a simple task, but it still often gets overlooked. When you move, we suggest creating a checklist that organizes everything you need to do before, during and after your move. Time management is essential for making your move successful and as stress-free as possible, so if you can create a checklist and adhere to it, you’ll be ready once moving day finally comes around.

2. Label Your Boxes

This is another seemingly simple task that most homeowners and business owners forget to do in the midst of their move. All boxes look the same from the exterior, and putting simple labels on each box that describes the material inside will definitely speed up the unpacking process.

3. Collect All Important Documents and Records

From your social security card and passport to your family’s medical records, it’s important to put all of your important documents and records into a box you know you won’t lose or forget. Think personal, employment, legal, motor vehicle, financial, medical, education and moving documents. For safe measures, this is a box you’ll want to keep ahold of yourself during your entire move.

4. Forward Your Mail

This one is important because if you forget to forward your mail, you’ll suddenly stop receiving necessary information. Simply go to your local post office and request a “Change of Address” form — chances are you’ll even get some nice coupons to utilize when you get settled into your new place.

5. Compare Local Moving Companies

You don’t have to move by yourself — there are several local moving companies that can help alleviate loads of stress from your shoulders. Moving companies vary in services and price points, and it’s important you do some research in finding the best one for your move. Find one you can trust with your belongings, and one you think will get the job done efficiently and on time.

Choose Helping Hands Moving Service, LLC For Your Residential Move

If you’ve been browsing moving companies in the Columbus area and are in need of an experienced, professional moving company, our team at Helping Hands Moving Service can provide you with the help you need! We give our customers a free moving estimate, and we ensure all moves — commercial and residential — go safely and smoothly.

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