When it comes to residential moving, there are a lot of factors you have to consider rather than just your basic furniture and belongings. You also have to worry about the living things in your home, such as pets and plants. It’s easy to load Fido in the car and move him to your new destination, but what about your home’s beloved plants and flowers? At Helping Hands Moving Service, LLC., we provide a variety of residential moving services for those in the Columbus, Georgia area. Let us help you with your next move!

In this blog, we provide some basic tips and advice you should consider if you are moving plants from your home to a new destination.

Decide Which Plants To Move

We know this might be a difficult thing to think about, but decide which plants you actually want to risk moving from your old home to your new home. Not all of them will make the move, so ask yourself the following questions.

  • Which plants can I not leave here without? This is where you need to determine which plants you would be devastated living without.
  • Will they be able to adapt to my new destination’s climate? If you’re moving from Columbus to Alaska, chances are some of the plants you want to move won’t be able to survive Alaska winters.
  • Will they be able to survive the current weather outside? You don’t want to move your tropical plants in the dead of winter. Consider the environment/season outside, and decide if your plant will be able to withstand those conditions.

Preparation Tips

Before you pack up all of the plants you own, there are some preparation methods you should consider beforehand. Believe it or not, plants can undergo feelings of shock when they’re moved to a new environment, and they typically have a low survival rate during most moves as a result. There are four things you want to keep in mind when you decide to move your plants to your new environment.

  1. Providing the plants with adequate sunlight throughout the move.
  2. Keeping the plants at a temperature that is comfortable for them.
  3. Providing the plants with enough water to withstand the move.
  4. Keeping the plants free of parasites or infestation.

How To Transport

If you’re simply moving across town or to a relatively nearby location, you can pack your plants into open boxes, making sure to cushion the sides of the boxes so the plants don’t move around during the move. If the plants are small enough to where you can close the boxes, poke holes in the box to provide the plant with sufficient air.

Throughout the move, ensure your plant’s soil is sufficiently moist. Ensure you wrap any roots of large plants, shrubs or trees in burlap for extra protection.

Choose Helping Hands Moving Service, LLC For Your Residential Move

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