Five to eight weeks before moving:

  • Calculate moving expenses and create a moving expense receipt file
  • Transfer insurance policies to your new address
  • Contact doctor, dentist, pharmacist and vet for referrals
  • Begin using food and cleaning supplies already on hand
  • Start cleaning closets, bookcases, and other storage areas
  • Have a yard sale or donate unwanted items to charity
  • Reserve storage space if necessary
  • Make any long-distance travel arrangements-hotel, etc.

Three to five weeks before moving:

  • Research and choose a bank at your new location
  • Schedule disconnection of utilities
  • Contact utility companies in new area to sign up for new service
  • Transfer car registration to your new location
  • Register your children in new schools
  • Order mailing labels with your new address
  • Determine if there are any pet restrictions at your new location
  • Hire Helping Hands Moving Company

One to two weeks before moving:

  • Transfer or close bank accounts and empty safe-deposit box
  • Pick up and complete change-of-address cards from the post office
  • Have medical and dental records and prescriptions forwarded
  • Have your car inspected and serviced
  • Subscribe to new local newspapers and community newsletters
  • Get copies of important papers-medical; dental; eyeglass/contact lens records; prescriptions; pet immunization records; passports; marriage license; birth certificates; Social Security papers; and keep copies in a safe place separate from household goods
  • Drain all fluids from your lawn mower and power tools and dispose of fluids properly
  • Pack travel bags and confirm any travel arrangements
  • Clean appliances, including emptying, defrosting and cleaning refrigerator
  • Prepare a comfort bag for travel day that includes items you’ll need on the road – bottled water, snacks, tissues, and  personal care items; make one for your pet, too

Day of the move:

  • Relax because Helping Hands Moving Service will take care of everything

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