Running a business is full of challenges and stress. Trying to move a business to another location is a whole different story. Oftentimes, businesses and offices come to a point where they need to relocate. Whether it is to gain more room for a growing employee base, to lower operating costs, for better market access, or just to get a change of scenery, there are plenty of reasons why business need to relocate. Whether a business is moving across town or across the country, moving into a multi-office building or a one-level storefront, the moving process can often be difficult and overwhelming.

Tips for Successful Office Moving

At Helping Hands Moving Service we have the experience needed to successfully help small and large businesses relocate to their new workspace. To help businesses make their next relocation successful and efficient, we put together some tips that help make office moving easier for not only the business but for the employees, too. Check them out!

Plan the office relocation in advance

It isn’t wise to wait until the last minute to plan a residential move; the same goes for business moving, too. Planning in advance is essential as it can take months to plan and coordinate all the necessary details. Smaller businesses should allow at least three months of planning before the moving date, and larger businesses may need six months to iron out all the logistics and details. Allowing this much time beforehand will enable business owners to handle all the details that come up with ease as their moving day approaches.

Update employees

A business is nothing without its employees, so it is important that once the decision to relocate is made the employees are informed soon after. Depending on the moving timeline, businesses should ensure that they allow a sufficient amount of time for workers to adjust for the relocation needs ahead. Consistent communication and updates will ensure that employees are better prepared and comfortable with the upcoming transition.

Hire a professional moving service

Moving a business requires a lot of details and logistics, and hiring a professional mover is a vital step in the process. Hiring a professional early will not only guarantee you have moving services reserved, but it will also allow the moving company to offer their expertise during the planning process. We recommend hiring a full-service moving company one to three months ahead of the moving date. However, it is essential to ensure the company has experience with commercial relocation and office moving. You can request free moving quotes from reputable and honest moving companies. Corporate and office moving companies will enhance the moving process by handling everything to ensure that a business’s belongings are transferred efficiently and securely to its new destination.

Prepare office electronics and equipment

Whether a company has nine employees or three hundred, they will likely need to transfer valuable equipment and electronics, such as computers, desks, phones, chairs, and televisions. It is important to ensure that all cables and cords to electronic devices are carefully removed and placed somewhere that they will not be separated from the device that needs them. In addition, it is vital that computers are backed up to an external hard drive, a precautionary measure in case files and documents are damaged or corrupted during the office moving process. By hiring corporate moving companies, businesses can rest assured that their expensive office computers and equipment are being handled and transported carefully.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Depending on how long a company has been at a certain location, there may be an accumulation of random objects and things from over the years that may no longer have value to the business. Office relocation presents the perfect time to get rid of these unwanted or unnecessary items. Consider shredding old files, donating unused furniture and electronics, and pitching any junk or unusable items.

Helping Hands Tip: If you plan on donating or throwing away old office equipment, such as desks, computers, chairs, and other office furniture before the move date, be sure have new office equipment ordered at least two months in advance. There’s nothing worse than arriving at new office space with no equipment!

Update company information

Businesses should inform clients, partners, suppliers, and vendors of their relocation, and they should replace old company information with new on their website, business cards, and on other marketing materials about one week prior to the move. It is also important to update the company information on their Google listing.

Schedule client meetings and deadlines appropriately

A key part of a successful office move is planning the relocation while keeping in mind the important client meetings and project deadlines. Nothing will create stress like not having a clear space to have a meeting or having a huge project due the same day employee’s desks are being packed up. Businesses should allow employees up to three days before the move date where there are no client meetings or project deadlines.  Once the moving date is set, plan accordingly while keeping the employees in the loop.

Ensure employees are organized and ready

Whether a small business or a large one, the number of employee belongings and individual supplies can quickly become overwhelming. To stay organized, companies should have their employees place their belongings and items in a box, and label the outside of the box in multiple places with their name and department. This will ensure the unpacking process is expedited.

We hope the tips above will be helpful for your next office relocation. By following them, the office relocation process will likely be more smooth and successful!

Hire the right moving services

Hiring a professional moving service is an important factor to a successful relocation. If you are in search of Columbus moving companies that specializes in office relocation services, look no further than Helping Hands Moving Service. Our team of professional movers has the experience and knowledge required to safely and successfully move office equipment and furniture. Whether your business is big or small, our Columbus commercial movers can handle any office relocation job. If your business is relocating soon, contact Helping Hands Moving Service to receive a free quote!